Hi, my name is Becca and I work with the Alpha program. My job includes working with the taskforce and creating a welcoming atmosphere; so, the jobs that seem “behind the scenes” often fall to me. Making sure there’s food for the guests on time? Coordinating volunteers to serve the food? Making centerpieces and decorations for the room? You guessed it, I get to work in all these different areas. When I first started working with Alpha, I thought my involvement would be limited to a purely logistical capacity and context, rather than directly with the ministry of Alpha itself.

However, God proved me wrong.

Working with the volunteers and the other team members over the course of Alpha has been a truly wonderful and eye-opening experience for me every single time we meet. Every week I am blessed with the opportunity to serve dinner to our guests. I get to serve people from all different backgrounds and faith experiences and invite them into a safe and caring environment – an environment that many of them don’t experience consistently. And although serving food seems like such a small task, providing a meal and a smile while doing so opens a space for these friends to feel safer and more comfortable with those around them, which then leads to honest openness and willingness to discuss challenging and more personal topics later in the evening. Serving people, even in the seemingly simple areas of keeping the tables well stocked with napkins or having a continuous influx of coffee, has shown me that you don’t always have to be “directly” involved in ministry to love people – sometimes simply inviting people and letting them experience the practical and welcoming love of Jesus is more than enough. I have experienced the transformative nature of a place where people feel safe and loved, and it is in these spaces that we are all drawn closer to the loving and miraculous nature of Jesus – even those of us who are “behind the scenes” of Alpha.


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