If you’ve stepped foot on Truro’s campus, you’ll know we run a thing called “Alpha.” Aside from being the first letter of the greek alphabet, and sounding like you’re half-way to stepping into a frat initiation, you may be wondering:


Alpha is a 10-week community gathered around EATing a meal. After dinner, we LISTEN together to some of the best talks from a Christian perspective on basic topics having to do with faith; “Who is Jesus?” “What About Evil?” “Why and How Should I Pray?” Next, we openly DISCUSS, observe, and ask questions of the topic at hand as well the perspectives of those sitting across from us. No question is off-limits; all faith backgrounds are welcome. This is done in smaller groups.

So, what is Alpha? It’s simply: EAT. LISTEN. DISCUSS.

Come join us, or bring a friend to our kickoff party on Thursday, September 28th at 6:30pm; you’ll get to hear a bit more about Alpha while listening to some great music! ALL are welcome. Childcare or kids’ programs go from 0yo.-Junior High.


For more information or to register for the course, contact mking@truroanglican.com or go to TruroAnglican.com/Alpha