Suzanne and Dan Dorman are a young couple with a seven month old baby. Their home is small but they’ve not let that stop them from opening it to others and hosting an Amore group. Below is a reflection from Suzanne about their Amore ministry over the summer:


My husband, Dan, and I are introverts. We function best in quiet settings with just a few people. Yet we love opening our home and inviting others to share a meal around our table. A friend of ours built us a large farmhouse table soon after we married, and we’ve recently fit 10 people (snugly) around it. Sharing our lives in this way brings us so much joy. Sometimes in the past I have wondered if it’s worth it, all of the effort it takes to prepare a meal and let other people into our home. (I tend to be a perfectionist and used to obsess more over all of the details, but having busy lives made busier with a baby has cured me of some of that.) We have attempted to practice the habit of hospitality, not only because we believe it is a crucial part of the Christian life, but also because it feeds us. We find nourishment when we gather with others, both friends and strangers, and share a meal at the table. Not just physical nourishment; our lives are made richer by those with whom we rub shoulders (literally and figuratively!), as we learn to listen to others’ stories, see their perspectives, and serve them in small but meaningful ways.

Through the “Meal with Jesus” cards which were collected at Truro, Michael King connected us with a few people and we invited them to join our Amore group for a meal. I recently saw a photo floating around Facebook, of a long table lined with people at a beautiful feast. The caption for the photo said “If you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.” Under this someone had commented “. . . and if you don’t have more than you need, pray and continue to invite people around your table.” I appreciate both sentiments, because even if we feel that what we have is small and humble, it is enough to share; and if we have been given abundance, we will be more blessed by sharing with others than if we keep to ourselves.