Two weeks ago, Paul and Cynthia Brosnan hosted a ‘Meals with Jesus’ dinner party with three guests who had filled out pew cards over the summer. They were not alone in hosting, however, but had the help of their two granddaughters! Here is how it went in Cynthia’s words:


When we told [our granddaughters] that we’d invited people whom we had never met before to join us for dinner, they weren’t sure what to think. They helped get things ready, and when the time came for our guests to arrive, their concern had turned into excitement. They couldn’t wait to see who our mystery guests would be. When the bell rang they ran to the door.

Our meal with Jesus was great fun. We shared laughter and interesting stories. There was an age span of about 70+ years but everyone added something to make the evening a blessing for all!”

A dinner party with a 70+ age gap: this is a glimpse into the heart of God, whose family is large and whose Table is long. Whether you are a grandparent, a grandchild, or somewhere in the middle, never underestimate the gift of your presence or the significance of your ministry.