For the past 2 years we’ve had our house on the Chesapeake Bay (Mathews, VA), we’ve been making an effort to befriend our neighbors and show kindness and appreciation for them. When we were there for a few days last month (Jun) we were with 11 of them – some coming to our home, and we going to theirs.

This gave us the idea to have a “group gathering” at our house on Sun, Aug 7! Here’s what I said about this in my sermon from Sun, Jul 17 We’re looking forward to an uplifting morning!

When you have folks over for a meal, and you see yourself as the Host with all these guests that you feel so responsible to serve and to bless—does that seem a little daunting or intimidating? Susan and I have sure felt that way. But—if we can let Jesus be the Host in charge of the meal—and just make ourselves available to Him to be His hospitality assistants – then the ultimate blessing for your guests can come from Jesus, and not from you—because you’ve let Him be everyone’s Host—you included.

This is the mind-set and perspective Susan and I want to have on Sun, Aug 7, when we’re inviting our Chesapeake Bay neighbors over to our house on the Bay for Sunday brunch—preceded by a 30-min. welcome-to-August worship gathering on our beach in front of the house—with a couple of familiar hymns, a few prayers, and an Alpha-style message from yours truly.

We’ll gather right here around our flagpole, overlooking the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, and we’re going into this morning reminding ourselves that we are not ultimately going to host this—Jesus is! We’re just extending the invitation, and asking Jesus to host it all—speaking at the flagpole and presiding over the brunch.

So you can pray for us – and esp. our neighbors that we’ve been befriending for the past 2 years we’ve owned the house. And they are the most wonderful, eclectic lot of people you can imagine—there’s:

  • A deaf lady in her 70s
  • 2 lovely couples in their 80s
  • A sharp business couple (husband from Iraq; wife from Cuba)
  • A recent widow
  • A DC Attorney + his wife
  • Younger family w/ teenage sons
  • A delightful, same-sex couple
  • A well-to-do doctor and nurse (his wife) from No Va

And then our very favorite: Roy, our un-churched neighborhood tree-surgeon dude. (Roy was kind enough to wade through a half-mile of floodwater to come and check on our seawall after we had escaped the horrible north-easter that hammered us last October.)

So we’re excited that on Sun, Aug 7 all we need to do is to welcome and love these dear people – and let Jesus serve as the Host – and pray He ambushes us all in some wonderful and unexpected ways. Stay tuned – we’ll tell you all about it in 3 weeks!

Jesus can show up in all kinds of places – We just need to open our doors and our hearts and be good neighbors – to our neighbors. And let Jesus be the Host – as we serve in His name.

I can do that; you can do that; we can do that!