Do you remember the “Where’s Waldo?” cartoon? The game was to spot Waldo in a crowd, in various settings around the world. Well, my journey and whereabouts will not be nearly as difficult to trace. Let me give you the quick itinerary on my working sabbatical.

Week 1 (Jun 28 – Jul 3): I will be a speaker, participant and consultant at Don Renzo Bonetti’s conference on the domestic church. We have 20 members and guests of Truro in attendance. This is a precious moment and honor for our parish.

Week 2 (Jul 4 – 9): Bridget and I will have a special Dad + Daughter journey through Renaissance Italy, exploring the world of Michelangelo in Florence, as well as the inspiration of Shakespeare’s plays in Verona and Venice.

Week 3 (Jul 10 – 18): I am on retreat with Don Renzo and Alessandro in Assisi. This is a personal retreat – to dream and pray with Don Renzo and to draw closer to Jesus.

Week 4 (Jul 19 – 25): I meet Amelia in Geneva and then travel to Annecy, France where we will hike the French Alps and learn a little of the life of St. Francis De Sales during the Counter-Reformation.

Week 5 (Jul 26 – Aug 2): I make my way to Jerusalem via Prague and Wroclaw. I’m exploring the life of Jan Huss and other precursors of the Reformation. This is in preparation for our 2018 Reformation Pilgrimage.

Week 6 (Aug 3 – 10): I meet my father and brother in Tel Aviv and lead them on pilgrimage of the Holy Land. We will spend most of our time at Christ Church, Old City, Jerusalem. This is a lifelong dream of my father, who turns 83 this month.

Week 7 (Aug 12 – 20): I spend time with Canon Andrew in Israel (and possibly Jordan), learning about his ministry of Reconciliation in the Middle East.

Week 8 (Aug 22 – 29): I participate in Andrew’s “Jerusalem School of Reconciliation.” Matt Hemsley joins me as we study and learn to adapt his school to the realities of North America. I return home on Aug 30.

As you can see from this itinerary, my sabbatical is a mix of work, fun and retreat. My goal is to spend time with two of my daughters pursuing their interests. (I am just grateful they still want to spend time with me!) My other goal is to build Truro’s peacemaking networks and resources for the years ahead. I am grateful for each of you at Truro and eager to return in September.