College days. You’re surrounded by friends, by people at the same stage of life. Surrounded in classes, surrounded in your dorm or apartment, surrounded all over campus. Graduation approaches, and you’re heading into a new life! Rocketing into your career, taking on adult responsibilities. Everything’s going to be amazing!

You move, you start your job, and where are all those friends? Where is that social life that surrounded you? Maybe you live with a friend or two, or maybe (very likely these days) you are back in your parents’ house – ack, how did that happen?? Before you know it, most of your social interaction is online. You’ve got lots of friends there!

It takes time to adjust to your new life, with your friends from school now spread around the country, perhaps around the world. It’s a time of fast and vast change – distance, careers, marriage, even babies change relationships. It’s a time of introspection, thinking about your own life and sorting out what’s next. It’s easy to feel isolated and lonely.

Online “friends” are fun, they’re entertaining, they’re a way to keep in touch, but of course it’s real live people interacting with you in daily life that knit you into life right where you are.

This is one of the reasons I love Alpha. People come to Alpha and they make real live friends, friends who are right here and who help combat the loneliness. They find a real social life, time for fun as well as deep conversation, support, empathy.

One of my favorite things about Alpha is seeing people become friends, seeing them come back session after session because they’re looking forward to hanging out. I can’t wait until we start up again in September – maybe this one’s for you.