Last week on the blog, we discussed how both marriage and singleness are gifts—and not just for individual recipients—but also for the whole Church. In light of this glorious truth, all of us are called to grow in how to better understand and “share” our gift with others.

This conviction lies at the heart of Don Renzo Bonetti’s seminal work Signs of Love. It poetically expresses the significance of marriage as a vocation, a specific ministry shared between two people to the glory of God and for the blessing of all. In detail, it explains how small acts of love, hospitality, and spiritual parentage put the spousal love of Christ on display in profound ways. This fall, we will be discussing short excerpts from the book on Sunday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00 am in the Rector’s office (parish offices building). We will provide material each week; drop-ins are always welcome!

If you are married, come to be enriched and challenged in your understanding of marriage, and your Kingdom calling to “share” your marriage with others. If you are single, come to investigate how to appreciate marriages around you not just as a familial structure distinct from yours, but as an aid in understanding your own marriage to Christ as a member of His Church. If you are simply curious to learn more about the Christian faith, come to discuss how Jesus’ spousal love for all of us can turn mundane, everyday moments into miraculous experiences of His presence!