Now Alpha has launched Alpha TV, a new way of doing Alpha in homes, cafes, sports clubs, bars . . . anywhere a group of friends can gather and get access to the internet. Alpha TV works by linking groups to a live feed of the Alpha Course as it is being run at the main church, Holy Trinity Brompton, that very night!

Why is that better than putting on a pre-recorded Alpha DVD? Well, for one thing, it means people doing Alpha ‘off campus’ have a much greater sense of being part of the main event! And that’s exciting! It also means the talks are always fresh, varied and can be given by more than one person during the course. It allows Alpha to stay live, to keep developing and moving forward!

Alpha has always been connecting people to the local church. And Alpha TV is a great way to keep doing that, while making it possible for those who are not yet willing to go to church to do Alpha ‘off campus’! That’s just brilliant!

Get a glimpse of what’s going on at Alpha TV, here: